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State Health Department intensifies efforts against teen vaping

The New York State Department of Health is stepping up its campaign against vaping among teens and young adults. State Health Commissioner Dr. James McDonald emphasized the risks of nicotine addiction and its harmful effects on the developing adolescent brain and overall health.

In 2022, nearly one in five high schoolers in New York State reported vaping, with peer influence and curiosity being primary reasons for starting. Teens continue vaping due to stress, anxiety, or to feel the effects of nicotine.

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To combat this trend, the Department is promoting “DropTheVape,” a free, confidential text-based service designed by the Truth Initiative to help 13 to 24-year-olds quit vaping. Users can text “DropTheVape” to 88709 for support and guidance.

Additionally, the Department has developed anti-vaping educational materials targeted at middle and high school students. These resources, including posters and cards, are available for free on the Department of Health’s website. More quitting resources are also accessible at