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House cleaner in Geneseo charged with stealing $54K in jewelry

A 58-year-old house cleaner, Maureen E. Schirmer, has been charged with stealing jewelry and personal items valued at $54,000 from homes she was employed to clean in Geneseo. The police investigation, which started in early November, revealed that Schirmer allegedly took items from two homeowners and pawned them.

Court documents indicate that between January and October 2023, Schirmer stole $34,000 worth of belongings from one home and $20,000 from another. New York State Police Trooper Lynnea Crane stated that the investigation is ongoing, and they are looking into the possibility of more victims.

Schirmer, who is self-employed and runs a cleaning service, faces two counts of grand larceny, a felony. She is scheduled to appear in the Town of Geneseo Court on February 6.

NYSP is urging anyone with information or who may be a victim to contact the NYSP Troop E Headquarters at (585) 398-4100. They also recommend thorough vetting, including obtaining references and checking with previous employers, before hiring outside services.