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Ithaca secures funding for Six Mile Creek water protection

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The city of Ithaca, New York, is set to receive $45,500 in state funding, aimed at protecting Six Mile Creek, a crucial source of clean drinking water for approximately 30,000 residents. The grant, part of a state department and grant initiative distributed by Cornell’s New York Sea Grant, will assist in evaluating the impacts of development on the creek and provide tools for community leaders to make informed decisions about its protection.

Finger Lakes Partners (Billboard)

This financial support is part of a broader effort to safeguard water sources in the region. It follows a recent FEMA grant for flood mitigation projects in Ithaca, focusing on Six Mile Creek and other waterways. These initiatives highlight the city’s commitment to preserving its natural resources and ensuring safe drinking water.

The New York Great Lakes Basin small grants program, which includes this funding, supports various projects that align with the Great Lakes Great Lake Action Agenda. These initiatives, selected by the New York Department of Environmental Conservation, focus on enhancing ecosystem-based approaches for community resilience, environmental integrity, and sustainable land use. The New York Sea Grant program, part of a national network, works to promote environmental sustainability and economic vitality in coastal communities. For more information about these grants, interested parties can visit the program’s website.