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Seneca Meadows donates $495K for Waterloo FD to purchase pumper truck

At Monday’s regularly scheduled Waterloo Village Board meeting, local officials received a hefty donation from Seneca Meadows to purchase a pumper truck.

The donation is the latest in a series of contributions supporting local communities and first responders by donating $495,000 to the Village of Waterloo for the Waterloo Volunteer Fire Department.

The funds will be used to purchase a 2017 pumper truck, which will be in-service this year.

“The men and women of the Waterloo Volunteer Fire Department serve our community with dedication, commitment and distinction,” Kyle Black, District Manager for Seneca Meadows said in a statement. “Seneca Meadows will always look for ways to honor that service by helping them do their job in the safest way possible and we are proud to continue that support today and moving forward.”

The pumper fire truck is equipped with a permanently mounted fire pump capable of pumping 1,500 gallons per minute. Its primary purpose is to combat structure fires.

“The top responsibility of government is public protection,” Mayor Walter Bennett said. “The Waterloo Volunteer Fire Department will be able to provide a higher level of protection as a result of support from Seneca Meadows.”

“On behalf of the men and women of the Waterloo Volunteer Fire Department, I’d like to thank Seneca Meadows for their continued support of the WVFD, and first responders across the region,” Waterloo Fire Chief Mark Shaw said. “This needed replacement fire truck will become an integral part of the on-going WVFD operation, helping to provide for emergency fire protection service to the Village and surrounding areas in a dependable and timely manner.”

Village Administrator Don Northrup said echoed the importance of having modern equipment in fire service. “It’s very challenging to replace old fire protection equipment given the substantial cost increases without also significantly raising property taxes,” he said. “With this support from Seneca Meadows, the Village can better meet this challenge.”

The primary source of funds for the Waterloo Fire Department comes from the Village of Waterloo through a combination of property taxes and other monies paid by surrounding towns that contract with the Village to provide fire protection.