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Schuyler County offers workshop on making maple syrup

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Schuyler County is inviting the community to learn the art of making maple syrup. A special workshop is scheduled for January 25, from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM in Montour Falls, focusing on the entire syrup-making process. Interested individuals must register by January 23 to attend this educational event.

The workshop aims to teach attendees how to identify maple trees and guide them through the steps of tapping trees, collecting sap, and processing it into syrup. It’s a hands-on opportunity for anyone interested in learning this traditional skill. Additionally, the workshop will provide insights into accessing resources from the Cornell Maple Program and explore advanced topics like making syrup from birch trees and crafting value-added products like maple marshmallows.

Ryan Staychock, an Environmental and Natural Resources Educator with CCE Seneca, expressed enthusiasm about teaching the community, citing his own experience learning from CCE. The registration fee is $10, which includes a cheese pizza dinner. To register, interested parties can either visit the online portal or call the CCE Schuyler office at 607-535-7161. This workshop is a unique chance for residents to gain a new skill and enjoy the sweet rewards of their labor.