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Schuyler County Legislature re-elects chair, welcomes new legislators

In a recent meeting, the Schuyler County Legislature has reaffirmed its leadership and welcomed returning members. Carl Blowers, representing Dix, was unanimously reelected as the chair during the county’s annual reorganizational meeting on December 28. Blowers, a retired businessman, has been a part of the Schuyler County Legislature since 2014 and has held the position of chair since 2020.

Additionally, the Legislature confirmed the reappointment of several key officials. Stacy Husted of Montour Falls continues as the Clerk, Steven Getman of Montour Falls retains his role as the county attorney, and Josette Colón resumes her duties as the public defender. M. Shawn Rosno will persist in his role as the county administrator.

The meeting also marked the swearing-in of two reelected legislators, Mark F. Rondinaro of District 7 and Gary L. Gray of District 8, following their success in the November general elections. They were officially inducted into their new terms at this gathering.

Each legislator in the Schuyler County Legislature serves a four-year term, with elections staggered to ensure continuity and experienced governance. This structure allows for seasoned legislators to guide newcomers and maintain a stable administrative course.

The reelection of Blowers as chair and the induction of seasoned legislators demonstrate the county’s commitment to experienced leadership and continuity in governance. Schuyler County continues to place its trust in familiar faces to steer its legislative efforts.