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The most significant United States stars in Premier League history

The Premier League stage has played host to many iconic soccer stars from the United States throughout its history. From title winners to creative magicians and prolific forwards, America has offered constant representation since the league’s inauguration in 1992.

Here we will look at the stars that have made the most significant impact across the Atlantic. Those who forged impressive long-term careers in the Premier League, and even a player with the unique achievement of being the only American to have won the English top flight.

America’s only Premier League champion

Zack Steffen is certainly not the biggest name to star in the Premier League from the United States. However, his time as a backup goalkeeper for Manchester City has allowed him to become the only player from his nation ever to win the competition – he won it twice in 2020/21 and 2021/22.

Injury may cost him a potential third medal this season, as he is recovering from knee surgery that he undertook last summer. City are -138 title favorites in football odds. The Premier League winner odds suggest Liverpool will provide the strongest opposition as they are offered at +200. 

Steffen has never been instrumental to City’s success but if he can put his injury issues behind him he could potentially become a three-time Premier League champion if he could fight his way into Pep Guardiola’s matchday squad this season.

At his best, he can challenge Stefan Ortega for the backup role, and any fitness woes for his fellow shot-stoppers could also open a pathway for him.

All-time top-scorer and assister

Clint Dempsey is arguably the greatest American ever to play in the Premier League, and he has several records to back that up. The Fulham legend is the leading all-time goalscorer and assists maker.

Across his time at Craven Cottage and at Tottenham Hotspur, he managed to score on 57 occasions and provide for others 19 times. Dempsey also holds the record for the most goals scored by a player from the United States in a single season, as he netted 17 times in the 2011/12 season.

Dempsey stands in history as comfortably the most prolific scorer and most effective creative player in the Premier League. That means he has undoubtedly had the biggest impact of any American ever to grace the English game.

Leading appearance maker

Besides title winners and exceptional attackers, the United States has also produced stars that have become some of the leading appearance makers in the league’s history.

The American who has played in the most Premier League fixtures is Brad Friedel, who accumulated 450 appearances across his time at Liverpool, Blackburn Rovers, Tottenham, and Aston Villa.

Friedel ranks third in the list of most matches played by a goalkeeper in Premier League history, and he comes in 22nd place regarding players of all positions.

The now-retired goalkeeper was a regular starter in the league for over a decade. No American can claim to have matched his longevity during the Premier League era.

There has been an abundance of Americans present in the English top flight since the 1990s, and this trio has achieved the rarest feats of any that have reached the Premier League.  

There could perhaps be future history makers that are present in the league right now, left-back Antonee Robinson stands out, although perhaps we are not yet aware of the next big US star to make a huge impact on English soccer. 

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