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Home » News » Google forced to settle for $5B over misleading ‘incognito’ mode in Chrome browser

Google forced to settle for $5B over misleading ‘incognito’ mode in Chrome browser

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Google has agreed to a massive $5 billion settlement following allegations of privacy invasion through its ‘Incognito’ browsing mode. Users of Google Chrome, who accessed the internet under the assumption of privacy in Incognito mode, were unknowingly tracked, according to the plaintiffs.

This mode, accessible via the browser’s menu, was believed to prevent the recording of browsing history on the user’s device. However, it has been alleged that Google continued to monitor users’ online activities, gathering substantial data which was then allegedly sold to third parties for targeted advertising purposes.

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The lawsuit highlights the gap between user expectations of privacy and the actual functioning of Incognito mode. Users reported instances of receiving embarrassing targeted advertisements, reflecting the nature of their supposedly private browsing content. The final terms of this significant settlement, which underscores the ongoing concerns over digital privacy and the responsibilities of tech giants, will be disclosed next month.

This case puts a spotlight on the complex dynamics of user privacy, internet browsing, and digital advertising in the modern age.

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