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Destiny USA boosts security measures amid safety concerns

In response to a series of incidents this year, Destiny USA, a prominent shopping mall in Syracuse, has heightened its security measures, a move that local businesses and mall goers hope will continue into the new year.

The increased security follows events including a shooting outside the mall’s Solar Street entrance in June and a fight involving an armed teenager in July.

These incidents have raised safety concerns among the community, with some patrons reconsidering their visits to the mall.

To enhance security, Destiny USA has implemented several initiatives, including installing new license plate readers at every entrance and increasing the Syracuse Police Department’s (SPD) patrols, with officers now patrolling on bikes inside the mall.

A specialized larceny detail has been established to focus on theft-related crimes.

SPD is also addressing issues with unsupervised minors, enforcing a policy that requires those under 18 to be escorted by an adult.