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Schuyler County Legislature appoints two members to IDA

During its year-end session, the Schuyler County Legislature passed 18 resolutions, notably appointing Laury Ward and John Terry to the county’s Industrial Development Agency (IDA) for three-year terms.

Effective from January 1, 2024, to December 31, 2026, these appointments are part of the legislature’s efforts to bolster economic development within the county.

The Schuyler County IDA, established in 1971, functions as a public benefit corporation under New York State General Municipal Law. It plays a crucial role in fostering economic growth by offering financial assistance to qualified applicants.

This support includes mortgage recording tax exemption, sales and tax exemptions, real property tax abatement, and facilitating low-interest rates for project-related debt.

In addition to the IDA appointments, the legislature’s session addressed other key issues. Among the resolutions passed was the authorization for the creation and filling of a part-time investigator position in the Public Defender’s office, aimed at enhancing the office’s investigative capabilities.