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Redistricting Commission gears up for busy 2024

The New York Independent Redistricting Commission gathered in Albany on Thursday, marking their first assembly since the state’s Court of Appeals mandated a redraw of congressional lines.

This initial meeting, primarily focusing on procedural matters, sets the stage for a redistricting process that is garnering national attention due to its potential impact on the control of the House of Representatives in 2025.

Vice Chairman Charles Nesbitt acknowledged the high level of interest in the outcome but indicated that the meeting would not delve deeply into the substantive aspects of the redistricting process.

The commission announced significant administrative changes, including the resignation of co-executive director Darren McGeary and the reappointment of his predecessor, Douglas Breakell.

Additionally, Redistricting Partners and Redistricting Insights were re-engaged to aid in the map creation process, with Chairman Ken Jenkins emphasizing their technical expertise in this complex task.

The group plans to intensify the process come new year.