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USPS mail collection boxes getting an upgrade due to rising theft

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In response to a surge in mail thefts, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has initiated the installation of 12,000 high-tech collection boxes across various regions, particularly in areas identified as high-risk.

This move comes amid reports of over 25,000 mail theft incidents from traditional blue mail collection boxes in the first half of the 2023 fiscal year. Gary Barksdale, Chief Postal Inspector of the Postal Inspection Service, emphasized the organization’s commitment to bolstering both physical and digital safeguards against theft, in collaboration with law enforcement.

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The newly installed collection boxes retain the classic appearance of the traditional blue boxes but are equipped with advanced security features. According to Michael Martel, a spokesperson for the Postal Inspection Service, these upgraded boxes are engineered to resist various methods of criminal tampering and mail theft.

As of October, 10,000 of these high-security boxes have been implemented, with plans to continue installations as required to ensure mail security. Martel acknowledged that while the new boxes significantly enhance security, they do not guarantee complete prevention of theft. He advises customers to deposit mail closer to the scheduled pickup times to minimize the risk of theft.

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