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Lyons CSD achieves notable academic growth

The Lyons Central School District has reached a significant milestone in enhancing student achievement, as evidenced by the latest data from the New York State Accountability System.

The district’s recent success is highlighted by substantial improvements in academic performance and the Lyons CSD Class of 2023 achieving one of the highest graduation rates in the past twenty years. District officials attribute this growth to the strategic plan developed by the community and the “Restore the Roar” initiative.

Superintendent Dr. Matthew Barr has been instrumental in leading the district through this transformative phase, focusing on redefining daily practices and processes. The change in approach is already showing promising results, particularly in Grades 3-8 English Language Arts and Mathematics state test scores, which are the highest in over a decade. Additionally, the district has seen significant improvements in Math Results for Grades 3-8. The Orange Frog Workshops, a program aimed at creating a positive and optimistic culture within the educational community, have been a vital part of this success.

The district is also investing in infrastructure improvements, signifying a commitment to providing an innovative learning environment that mirrors classroom advancements. Dr. Barr emphasizes the importance of continuous growth and the collective effort of educators, staff, students, and the community in achieving these milestones.