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How will Cayuga County do economic development in 2024?

The fate of a significant sum earmarked money for economic development in Cayuga County remains uncertain.

The Cayuga County Legislature, which recently passed its 2024 budget, included $375,000 for economic development. However, it did not specify where these funds should go. This decision, initially expected to be made by the current 15-member legislature, has now been deferred to the incoming 11-member body, set to take office in 2024, according to The Citizen.

The dilemma over the allocation of funds follows recent upheaval at the Cayuga Economic Development Agency (CEDA). After the dismissal of its executive director, Michael Miller, in August, and the firing of his predecessor, Bradly Broadwell, questions arose about CEDA’s future role in the county’s economic development.

During the budget discussions, different entities including CEDA, the IDA, and the county’s planning department, presented their visions for the economic development of Cayuga County.