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SiriusXM faces lawsuit for allegedly trapping customers in subscriptions

SiriusXM, a popular satellite radio company, is now facing a lawsuit from the Office of the Attorney General in New York. The lawsuit, spearheaded by Attorney General Letitia James, accuses SiriusXM of making it unnecessarily difficult for customers to cancel their subscriptions. According to a statement released by James on Wednesday, the company allegedly requires customers to either call or chat online with a representative to terminate their subscriptions, a process that is described as intentionally prolonged to discourage cancellations.

The Attorney General’s Office claims that their investigation found SiriusXM representatives often do not easily accept a customer’s decision to cancel. These agents are accused of engaging customers in lengthy conversations or offering retention deals, effectively trapping them in ongoing subscriptions. This strategy, the lawsuit alleges, is part of a broader tactic by SiriusXM to keep customers against their will.

Attorney General James emphasized the legal obligation of companies to ensure an easy cancellation process for consumers. She reassured New Yorkers that her office would intervene when companies like SiriusXM attempt to exploit customers and violate laws. As the case develops, SiriusXM has yet to respond to these allegations. Meanwhile, Attorney General James has urged consumers who have faced difficulties with SiriusXM’s services to file complaints online, signaling an ongoing commitment to addressing these consumer protection concerns.