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Tompkins Sheriff’s Office welcomes new K-9, invites community to name it

The Tompkins County Sheriff’s Office has announced the introduction of a new narcotics detection canine to its team, addressing the ongoing drug epidemic in the community. This move follows the recent retirement of previous K-9 units specializing in narcotics. The new member, a one-and-a-half-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer, was acquired from Shallow Creek Kennels in Sharpsville, Pennsylvania.

In a significant development, the purchase of the canine was partly funded by Sean’s K-9, a non-profit organization established in memory of Sean Walsh, who dreamt of being a K-9 Handler before his untimely death while serving in the military overseas. The organization, led by Sean’s mother Cheryl Walsh, supports police departments nationwide in initiating and maintaining K-9 programs.

The new K-9 and its handler, Deputy Kenney, are set to undergo training for narcotics detection certification, expected to be completed by April 2024. Notably, the canine will be trained for passive detection without the ability to detect cannabis, ensuring its approachability, especially around children. The Sheriff’s Office is now engaging the community in naming the canine, offering a poll with four meaningful options. Sheriff Derek Osborne extends gratitude to Sean’s K-9 and Shallow Creek Kennels for their contributions to the Tompkins County Sheriff’s Office and the community.