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Where are the test results? State lagging behind releasing data on students

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In New York State, the release of test scores from state-administered exams for third through eighth graders, conducted last Spring, has been significantly delayed, causing unease among educators and parents.

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These tests, which cover English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics, are essential for comparing New York’s educational standing with other states. While individual student data is available to school districts and parents, there is a notable absence of publicly released statewide data for broader analysis and comparison.

Officials emphasizes the urgency of the situation, noting that it is already December of the subsequent school year without any public information on statewide student performance.

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This comes as New York invests more in education than any other state in the country. Given that fact, advocates say the state should possess a highly advanced assessment system, and parents should have prompt, easy access to detailed, interactive reports on their children’s performance.

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) addressed the delay in an October memo to BOCES, charter and public schools, and school superintendents, projecting the public release of all final state assessment data by early December. The delay has been attributed to changes in testing standards, requiring additional analyses and input from New York State educators to establish new achievement standards for the tests.