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United We Stand: Supporting families in Wayne County

United We Stand, a non-profit organization based in Wayne County, is dedicating its efforts to assisting families in need.

Through their Resource Assistance Program (RAP), they are hosting ‘WRAP While You RAP’ events on the first three Fridays of December. Originally expecting to aid nine families, the organization has seen interest from 39 families, indicating a much higher demand for their services, according to reporting by

Since its inception in March this year, United We Stand has made significant contributions to the community. Their initial project involved purchasing rooms from a hotel auction in Newark, resulting in the distribution of 12 beds, lamps, and other items to those in need within 48 hours.

The strategic location of United We Stand among other businesses allows for discreet access, reducing the stigma for those seeking aid. The organization primarily assists families with adolescents, many of whom are self-reliant or responsible for their families.

While United We Stand is already operational as a non-profit, it is set for an official launch in March 2024, furthering its commitment to aiding the community.