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Newark announces 11th annual snow sculpture contest for residents and businesses

The Village of Newark is set to embrace the winter season with its 11th Annual Snow Sculpture Contest, inviting both residents and businesses to showcase their creativity and snow sculpting skills. The contest, spanning the winter months of December, January, and February, offers a platform for snow enthusiasts to gather with family and friends and create imaginative snow sculptures.

Participants from the village are encouraged to craft their snow sculptures anytime during the contest period. To enter, they need to call the provided number and inform the contest organizers of their participation. Judges will visit and photograph each creation for evaluation. The contest features two categories: Best Residential Entry, which will be awarded $100, and Best Business Entry, which will receive the Snowman Trophy and a pizza.

The contest rules are designed to ensure safety and accessibility. All entries must be situated within the Village of Newark, either on the front lawn of residences or in front of businesses, without obstructing sidewalks, driveways, or building entrances. Only food coloring is permitted for coloring the sculptures, and no wood or metal frameworks are allowed in their construction. The snow sculptures should also be non-interactive, meaning they should not be designed for climbing, sitting, or walking on. The judging of the entries will take place on February 29th, when the photos taken by the contest judges will be assessed to determine the winners. This community event promises to bring a festive and creative spirit to Newark during the winter months.