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TC3 sees enrollment surge: How are community colleges rebounding?

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Tompkins Cortland Community College (TC3) has reported a significant increase in student enrollment, defying national trends of declining college attendance.

The college, located in Dryden, New York, saw a 6.3% increase in overall enrollment from 2022 to 2023, and an even more substantial 13.4% rise in core enrollment, which includes full-time students attending either in-person or online.

This growth at TC3, marking the second consecutive year of increased enrollment, contrasts sharply with the broader decline in undergraduate enrollment across the United States.

While the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center recorded the lowest national undergraduate enrollment since 2006, TC3’s proactive strategies and practical education approach have yielded positive results.

TC3’s success in enrollment is attributed to a variety of factors, including new management approaches and targeted outreach. The college has reorganized its recruitment division, placing a stronger emphasis on local community engagement and practical education that aligns with local job markets.

Additionally, the college has maintained affordability, with annual tuition around $5,500.