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New York Wine & Grape Foundation partners with Agency 29 for comprehensive statewide vineyard survey

The New York Wine & Grape Foundation (NYWGF) recently announced its partnership with Upstate NY-based brand-building firm Agency 29 to lead a comprehensive statewide Vineyard Survey initiative. Ag Access and Deep Planet will also partner with NYWGF and Agency 29 on this collaborative effort.

“This historic collaborative effort is designed to accurately document New York State’s grape acreage,” Sam Filler, Executive Director of NYWGF, said. “Each of our partners brings unmatched expertise in different areas, and we are confident that will result in an invaluable report for our community. It is critical to the industry’s continued strategic growth that stakeholders have this data to inform planting, investment, research, and marketing decisions. We are proud to champion this process for all New York growers.”

This survey will gather data in 2024 and 2025 with the goal of ensuring an accurate and consistent record of acreage and grape varietals grown throughout New York State. The intention is for the survey to continue into the future beyond these two years.

“We’re thrilled to work with NYWGF and grape growers from across the state to develop this critical information,” Maureen Ballatori, Founder and CEO of Agency 29 said. “We’re looking forward to collaborating with Deep Planet, who will use satellite data to provide a statewide scan to identify all vineyards, and Ag Access to conduct the agricultural market research through a proven research logistics process.”

Colson Steber, co-CEO of Ag Access, noted, “This partnership is a true compliment to our business, and connecting with agriculture professionals and prioritizing their point of view in research is what we do best. We look forward to bringing clarity to decision-making and serving as a measure of economic impact in the state for the New York Wine and Grape Foundation.”

The proposed survey will address an industry need for a wide range of accurate information about new acreage, bearing acreage, non-bearing acreage, varieties, tonnage, average price, and data by growing region.

New York State Agriculture Commissioner Richard A. Ball said, “New York’s wine industry continues to set itself apart as a leader in innovation, research, and growth, producing some of the very best wines in the world. At the Department, we’re proud to be able to support the work of the New York Wine and Grape Foundation as they kick off a new statewide Vineyard Survey. This is a critical effort that will help us to better meet the needs of the industry moving forward so that our wineries and grape farmers can continue to thrive.”

This project was made possible by grant funding from the Genesee Valley Regional Market Authority and the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets.  It will be the first comprehensive statewide Vineyard Survey conducted since the 2011 USDA NASS survey.

Brendan Tydings, Administrator for the Genesee Valley Regional Market Authority, said their organization is pleased to support the Vineyard Survey. “We have proudly supported numerous projects of the NYWGF over the years and we strongly believe in the work they’re doing. NYWGF has done a phenomenal job of assembling a team of experts to provide us with information on the true footprint the wine and grape growers hold in our state and this will position the industry well to bring success for years to come.”

Data collected from the vineyards will create a baseline for changes in New York’s grape industry. Survey data will facilitate strategic decision-making for both NYWGF  and the private sector, as well as provide benchmark figures required to compare New York State with key domestic and international wine-growing regions.

The comprehensive statewide Vineyard Survey is forecasted for distribution to vineyards for response in the first quarter of 2024.