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AAA survey finds around 25% would choose EV’s next time they need a car

According to AAA’s Annual EV Consumer Sentiment Survey conducted in March 2023, approximately one in four U.S. adults expressed a likelihood of opting for an electric vehicle (EV) as their next vehicle purchase.

This sentiment mirrors the trend observed in 2022, suggesting a steady interest in electric vehicles among American consumers. The survey specifically focused on vehicles powered exclusively by electricity, excluding hybrids.

The survey revealed that the primary motivations for considering an EV purchase include the desire to save on fuel costs, as indicated by 76% of interested respondents, and environmental concerns, cited by 60%. Among different generations, Millennials showed the highest likelihood (31%) of choosing a fully electric vehicle next, compared to Generation X (21%) and Baby Boomers (18%). Among those considering an EV, 58% prefer to buy new, 26% would opt for a used model, while 16% remain unsure.

However, potential obstacles still exist for those hesitant about EV ownership. The top concerns include the overall cost of the vehicle (59%), scarcity of charging stations (56%), the expense of battery replacement or repair (55%), and range anxiety (53%). Additionally, 40% of consumers worry about the impact of cold weather on an electric vehicle’s battery range. In response, AAA encourages consumers to explore the benefits of EV ownership to determine if an electric option suits their needs.

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