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Poll: 73% of New Yorkers concerned about housing affordability

A new Marist Poll has highlighted that a significant majority of New Yorkers view housing affordability as a major problem in their communities. The survey, conducted by the Marist Institute for Public Opinion at Marist College, found that 73 percent of the 1,780 adults surveyed across rural, suburban, and urban areas are concerned about the issue.

The problem is most acutely felt among urban residents, with 81 percent expressing concern, followed by 69 percent of suburban residents and 67 percent of rural residents.

The poll also revealed a disparity in concern between renters and homeowners. A striking 83 percent of renters described housing affordability as a major problem, compared to 66 percent of homeowners. There is a general perception among 71 percent of New Yorkers that the state government is not doing enough to address the issue. This sentiment was more pronounced among urban and rural residents than among their suburban counterparts. There was less consensus on the solutions, with opinions divided between increasing funding for rental assistance vouchers, development of new homes for sale, and new rental housing.

The concern over housing affordability varies among different demographic groups. Women and individuals under 45 are more likely to be worried about this issue than men and older respondents. Additionally, the concern is more prevalent among Democrats than Republicans, though it remains a significant issue for a majority in both parties.

Upstate residents are slightly less likely to view it as a major problem, but 66 percent still express significant concern.

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