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Ontario County continues response to landfill landslide

Following the November 16 collapse of a 3½-acre section of permanent soil cap at the Ontario County Landfill, Carla Jordan, the county’s Director of Sustainability and Solid Waste Management, along with officials from Casella Waste Services and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, have initiated several key steps.

A large pile of soil from an inactive part of the 389-acre landfill slid down the slope, impacting landfill gas-collection wells and pipes. In response to this incident, Jordan outlined five critical steps being taken to address the situation.

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Firstly, contractors on-site are continuously working to move soil off the affected slope. A crucial decision was made to cut the synthetic liner at the southwest corner of the landfill site to prevent the risk of further sliding. This liner, a felt-like material atop the 40-millimeter cap, was cut to ensure that the slidden liner and soil do not pull down the adjacent area of the constructed cap on the south slope. Additionally, the gas wells impacted by the soil slide have been located, excavated, and capped to prevent any further issues.

Stormwater control remains a major focus in the mitigation process. Prior to the rain on November 17, a system of pumps was established to divert stormwater away from the impacted area. A diversion berm was also constructed at the bottom of the slope to prevent stormwater from crossing over the berm road.

Jordan confirmed that these measures have been effective, with no impact on the landfill’s footprint. Once the majority of the soil is removed, the site plans to reestablish its stormwater infrastructure to ensure proper flow to the on-site detention infrastructure, as per the original design. Jordan has been in constant communication with the DEC staff in Avon, ensuring all actions taken are in agreement with their recommendations.