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Finger Lakes SPCA faces closure without critical funding

The Finger Lakes SPCA is in a dire financial situation, with only about a month left to raise the necessary funds to avoid closure. Officials reported that the organization is currently $18,000 short of its $80,000 fundraising goal. If the SPCA fails to meet this target by the December 31 deadline, it faces the grim prospect of shutting down.

The financial challenges stem from a significant funding gap for necessary shelter renovations. Despite receiving a grant of $482,491.50 from the New York State Companion Animal Capital Fund, the SPCA still finds itself $160,000 short of the total needed for critical improvements.

These upgrades include full insulation of the shelter, a backup generator, HVAC units, new dog kennels, and the creation of a clinic room, among other enhancements. The Emerson Foundation in Cayuga County has offered a matching grant challenge, promising to contribute $80,000 if the SPCA can raise the same amount by the end of the year. Director Nick Lapresi stressed the urgency of the situation, noting that every dollar donated is effectively doubled by the Emerson Foundation’s commitment.

Amidst these challenges, the SPCA is continuing its work, including repainting a visitation room with a calming color for animals and enhancing its foster program, which currently supports around 40 animals. Additionally, the SPCA has introduced the Doggy Expawditions program, allowing individuals to spend a day with a dog, providing relief from the shelter environment. Lapresi also provided advice for dealing with stray cats, including checking for microchips and using social media for lost and found posts.

The community’s support is vital for the SPCA to continue its mission and to meet the standards required by the Companion Animal Protection Act (CAPA) in 2025. Donations can be made via cash, check, or in person at the shelter’s address, and inquiries can be directed to Nick Lapresi at [email protected] or by calling (315) 253-5841.