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Hockey World Cup 2024: 5 reasons why you should go

Hockey is all about emotion and speed, even if you’re not a fan of the game, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy watching it. The art on the ice combined with the excitement that unites the players in passion and joy for every goal scored.

Let’s start with a nice little bonus, as you know (or not yet), the championship will be held in the Czech Republic. It will be from 10th to 26th May in Prague and Ostrava. It can be a most pleasant and comfortable trip if no organisational issue, such as transport, gets in the way. Before your arrival you can book an airport transfer with ATOB and basically don’t think about it anymore. Firstly, you get a normal price (because it is fixed), secondly, increased comfort and thirdly, a time guarantee.

Back to the Championship

So, why do you have to come here?

  1. The first reason is quite simple, the Czech Republic is a beautiful country with a lot to see and a cool atmosphere. The event will be held at the Prague Arena, for the first time in 9 years.
  1. This event will be so grandiose that in addition to the Czech national team, there will also be the reigning champions Canada, Finland, Switzerland, Denmark, Great Britain, Austria and Norway. There will be 28 preliminary round games, 2 quarter-finals, semi-finals and a fight for gold and bronze medals.
  1. Convenient ticket purchase. All tickets will be sold as daily packages in the first phase of sales (except for couple tickets). The price is only 190 kronor.
  1. A brilliant spectacle of players. At this match you will see the cool play of all the representatives of this match, the art of the world champions from Canada, Austria, Switzerland and many other countries.
  1. Variety of your holiday.This is a bit of a non-standard reason for this top, but, agree to go on holiday to the hockey championship and then have a cool holiday in the Czech Republic, themed – it’s cool!
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