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Dog rescued in Seneca County by first responders

A dramatic rescue unfolded in Seneca County on Sunday when a dog and its owner were saved by firefighters after falling nearly 200 feet down a ravine.

The incident occurred during a walk near the ravine, where the dog, likely slipping on leaves or loose vegetation, lost its footing and started to fall.

In an attempt to save the pet, the owner also lost their footing and both slid down the steep slope. The dog, unable to climb out due to its age and size, managed to walk to an open area of the ravine, aiding first responders in the rescue effort. Fortunately, the dog sustained only minor injuries, and the owner was unharmed. Other family members, who were present at the scene, managed to climb out of the ravine before the arrival of the Ovid Fire Department.

The Seneca County Rope Rescue Team was called to the scene, contributing to the complex rescue operation. Firefighters from the Ovid Fire Department rappelled down the ravine with a Stokes Basket to secure the dog. Following a careful and coordinated effort, the team successfully brought the dog up the side of the ravine. Upon removal from the basket, the dog was able to walk and was promptly taken to a warm area for a check-up by the family.

In addition to rescuing the dog, firefighters and the rope rescue team assisted the two individuals in the ravine as a safety precaution. The operation concluded successfully with no injuries reported, and all family members were safely reunited by 4:30 p.m. For additional details and photos of the rescue, the Ovid Fire Department has shared the account on their Facebook page.