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Wolcott to host free Christmas concert

Wolcott is set to celebrate the festive season with a free Christmas concert on Sunday, December 10, at 3 p.m., keeping a 23-year tradition alive. The event, sponsored by Lyons National Bank (LNB), will be held at the First Presbyterian Church on Main Street and is open to the public, offering an all-age-appropriate holiday experience.

The concert will feature the collaborative efforts of veteran musicians Joe Cortini and Matt Vacanti, with Joe Cortini’s Jazz Mafia serving as the house band. The band will back the Vacanti sisters, Vanessa and Cecilia, adding to the show’s charm. Students from Wolcott North Rose will also contribute with a performance, and the opening act will be 16-year-old Jojo Cortini with The Little Big Band. Curator Chris Kenyon praised the collaboration between Cortini and Vacanti, hinting at world-class music and notable show highlights that make this event a must-see during the holiday season.

In addition to the musical performances, the concert serves a charitable purpose, with cash donations being accepted to support the First Presbyterian Food Pantry. This initiative aids over 1,400 families in the Wolcott area. The concert promises a runtime of approximately 90 minutes, complete with an intermission featuring cookies and refreshments. For further information about this festive event, interested individuals can contact Chris Kenyon directly.