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Search for truck involved in fatal I-86 hit-and-run continues

Authorities are intensifying their efforts to locate a semi-truck involved in a fatal hit-and-run incident on Interstate 86.

The Bath Village Police Department, amplifying a New York State Police alert, has urged the public to remain vigilant for a specific 2019 or newer white Volvo VLN tractor. The vehicle, believed to be involved in the accident, should exhibit noticeable damage to the front passenger side of its cab. Notably, various parts such as the fog light assembly, fender mirror, and portions of the front hood radiator grill were recovered at the accident scene, providing crucial details about the vehicle’s make and the extent of the damage.

The tragic incident occurred between the evening of Friday, November 17, and the early morning of Saturday, November 18. A pedestrian, identified as 40-year-old John W. Viviano from Sidney, N.Y., was struck by the vehicle on the westbound side of I-86 near Exit 38 in Bath. The driver of the involved semi-truck did not stop after the collision, and Viviano was found deceased at the scene on Saturday morning.

The New York State Police are actively seeking information from the public that could lead to locating the vehicle and driver responsible for this incident. They encourage anyone with information about the hit-and-run or who spots a truck matching the description to immediately contact them. The public can reach out to the New York State Police by calling 1-800-448-3847 or by emailing [email protected]. The ongoing investigation underscores the importance of community assistance in resolving such serious incidents.