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Property taxes reduced in Schuyler County for 12th consecutive year

Schuyler County residents can anticipate a decrease in property taxes for the 12th consecutive year in 2024, following the adoption of the county’s 2024 budget last week.

This year’s budget includes a significant 4.3% reduction in the full value property tax rate, marking a total decrease of over 28% since 2012. The 2024 Tax Levy is set to decrease by 2.2% to $10,896,312, which represents the total amount the county expects to collect in property taxes.

Despite the tax reduction, the county’s total expenses for 2024 are projected to increase by about 10% from the previous year to $65,178,957. This is coupled with an 11% rise in revenues, totaling $54,282,645. The Tax Levy will play a crucial role in balancing the budget. Additionally, the county anticipates over a 17% increase in Federal, State, and Local revenue, including income from the “bed tax” on hotel bills. Sales Tax Revenue is also expected to grow by more than 4.6%, reflecting a thriving local economy.

Interim County Administrator Shawn Rosno emphasized the county’s solid and balanced 2024 budget, attributing the success to the robust local businesses and economy. Schuyler County, renowned for its tourist attractions like wineries, parks, and the Watkins Glen International Raceway, continues to benefit from the influx of visitors.

Rosno highlighted that the reduction in taxes has not compromised the quality of services. Instead, the county has seen improvements in several departments, including Public Health, Mental Health, the Sheriff’s Department, the District Attorney’s Office, the Justice Center, County Jail, Economic Development, Tourism Promotion, Emergency Management, and County Highways. This balance of reduced taxation and enhanced services showcases Schuyler County’s effective fiscal management and commitment to its residents.