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Bangs Ambulance involved in Rt. 17 crash; crew members injured

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A Bangs Ambulance vehicle was involved in a collision on New York State Route 17 in Broome County on Monday afternoon, as reported by the company on Tuesday morning.

The incident occurred during a routine interfacility medical transport when the ambulance was rear-ended by a commercial vehicle. According to Bangs, the driver and a provider inside the ambulance suffered non-life-threatening injuries, while the patient, secured to the ambulance stretcher, remained unharmed.

Following the crash, the Bangs Ambulance crew immediately contacted Broome County 911, prompting the dispatch of three units and a supervisor from Union Ambulance to the scene. Concurrently, a supervisor from Bangs Ambulance also rushed to the accident site. The patient involved in the transport was subsequently evaluated and continued on to their original destination, while the injured ambulance personnel received treatment at Wilson Hospital and were released after several hours.

The commercial vehicle driver involved in the collision did not sustain injuries and declined further medical evaluation. However, the driver was issued a ticket by a New York State Police (NYSP) commercial vehicle inspector. Bangs Ambulance expressed gratitude towards Union Volunteer Emergency Squad, Inc. for their prompt response and assistance at the scene. The damaged ambulance was towed back to Ithaca, and the Bangs supervisor at the scene ensured the safe return of the ambulance crew. This incident highlights the risks faced by emergency medical services personnel and the importance of road safety, especially concerning emergency vehicles.