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Police say Penn Yan Hampton Inn active shooter threat was a hoax that originated outside the US

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Authorities in Yates County have given an update on the shooter situation that prompted a heavy police presence at a popular hotel in Penn Yan. On Saturday, the Penn Yan Police Department responded to a reported active shooter situation at the Hampton Inn Hotel.

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The call, received at approximately 6:38 p.m., claimed that there were at least twenty-five people shot on the hotel’s first floor. The caller, who spoke with a heavy foreign accent, used the hotel’s main phone number for the call.

A police officer, already in close proximity, arrived on the scene within seconds and promptly ascertained that there was no active shooter present.

To ensure safety, officers conducted a thorough room-by-room search of the hotel and interviewed all individuals on the premises.

The comprehensive investigation confirmed the report to be a hoax.

The Hampton Inn staff and guests cooperated fully, aiding the police in quickly resolving the situation.

The response involved not only local police but also the Yates County Sheriff’s Office, New York State Police, and New York State Environmental Conservation Officers.

The Penn Yan Police Department has established that the distress call was made to their main non-emergency number and not through the 911 service.

Further investigation revealed that the call likely originated from outside the United States.

The department is now collaborating with the FBI and other agencies to trace the call’s exact source and determine the motives behind the false report.

Shooting report at Penn Yan Hampton Inn prompts heavy police response: No threats found, per authorities

A large-scale police response was triggered on Saturday night at the Hampton Inn in Penn Yan, following a 9-1-1 call reporting possible gunshots or an active shooter at the hotel.

Authorities from the Penn Yan Police Department, Yates County Sheriff’s Office, and New York State Police swiftly converged on the scene around 7 p.m. to address the potential threat.

Photo Credit: Lucas Day, Finger Lakes News Radio

In immediate response to ensure public safety, hotel guests were relocated to the banquet room of the nearby Seasons on Keuka Lake, according to first responders.

Law enforcement officers conducted a thorough search of the hotel, clearing each room and floor, and extending their investigation to all vehicles in the parking lot.

This comprehensive response was part of the standard protocol in handling reports of active shooters or gun-related incidents, emphasizing the priority given to public safety.

The operation concluded around 9 p.m. with the Yates County Sheriff’s Office announcing the end of the investigation at the Hampton Inn.

It was determined that there was no active shooter nor any shooting victims at the location.

The incident highlighted the readiness and coordination of multiple law enforcement agencies in responding to potential threats, ensuring the safety and security of the community.

The nature of the initial report and the reasons behind it remain part of an ongoing inquiry.