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Yates County will spend over $740,000 for tourism promotion

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The Yates County Legislature, in its recent meeting, approved the allocation of more than $744,000 for various tourism-related projects and activities within the county for the year 2024.

This decision was reported by the Finger Lakes Times and followed recommendations made by the county’s Tourism Advisory Committee (TAC), which had reviewed multiple applications for funding.

The TAC received 15 applications in August, thoroughly reviewed them in September, and conducted in-person interviews with 10 applicants.

Ultimately, these 10 projects were selected for funding, including significant contributions to initiatives like the restoration of the cupola from the former Empire State Wine Cellars site, the Rochester Folk Art Guild, the Saunders Finger Lakes Museum, and the Village of Penn Yan for tennis and pickleball court renovations.

The funding for these projects is derived from a portion of the county’s occupancy tax, which generated $845,000 available for the TAC’s approval for 2024 projects.

With $100,000 remaining unallocated, it will be transferred to a reserve fund for future projects.