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One Clyde-Savannah student’s charges in connection with locker room assault moved to family court: What does it mean?

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The ongoing court case involving four Clyde-Savannah High School football team members charged with the sexual assault of a 14-year-old in the school’s locker room was back in court on Thursday. The quick, 15-minute hearing, overseen by Judge Richard Healy, focused on determining the appropriate court for trying the case. The prosecution is advocating for the case to remain in the Youth Part of the court system, which keeps proceedings public, while the defense seeks to move it to Family Court.

In Family Court, cases are closed to the public, and the defendants’ records are sealed, with a focus on supervision and rehabilitation. Of the four boys charged, one, a 16-year-old who filmed the incident and shared it on social media, was moved to Family Court on Thursday. This transfer is mandated by law due to the defendant’s age and the nature of the crime, meaning further details of his case will no longer be public. Prosecutors emphasized their limited discretion under New York State law regarding this decision.

The fate of the remaining three defendants — aged 17, 16, and 15 — charged with aggravated sexual abuse, a felony, and misdemeanor hazing and forcible touching, remains undecided. The prosecution intends to argue for keeping their cases in the Youth Part, considering the severity of the crimes despite the defendants’ ages. Both defense lawyers declined to comment on the case, which is set to continue in court on December 6th. The community’s concern over the prosecution of this high-profile case highlights the tension between legal procedures and public interest in such sensitive matters.

Wednesday school board meeting: Clyde-Savannah board president cancels public comment at postponed meeting citing active investigation

The Clyde-Savannah school board convened on Wednesday for its first meeting since the alleged incident in the boys’ locker room on Halloween, which resulted in the arrest of four members of the football team.

This meeting was particularly significant as it was initially intended to be the first opportunity for families to express their concerns to school leaders following the incident. Last week’s board meeting had been canceled due to safety considerations.

However, board president Pamela Anstee announced the cancellation of the public comment section, citing the ongoing investigation into the incident. Anstee emphasized that the school district is cooperating with the investigation and is unable to comment or interfere in any manner.

This announcement left several families who attended the meeting with unanswered questions and concerns.

The sentiment of frustration and the need for more transparency were shared by other attendees, including parents who questioned the supervision of students at the time of the alleged incident.

Others were concerned about the apparent lack of oversight and the measures being taken to prevent such incidents in the future.

Clyde-Savannah school leaders have stated that they will not be able to comment until the completion of the investigation, leaving community members awaiting further developments and assurance of student safety.

The remaining teens who did not have court appearances on Wednesday are slated to be in court today.

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Wednesday Court appearances: Teens accused of sexually assaulting student at Clyde-Savannah HS appear in court

Two of the Clyde-Savannah High School students charged in the sex abuse incident on school grounds appeared in court on Wednesday.

Defense attorney Michael Schiano confirmed that all of those involved were members of the varsity football team. The team’s season came to an abrupt end after the attack on October 31.

Schiano confirmed that the accused students have not attended schol since the incident. They are suspended indefinitely at this time.

The district hasn’t held any hearings on the matter yet, either.

Authorities said last week that a student was assaulted in the locker room at the high school. The incident was also reportedly recorded and shared on social media.

Three of the suspects, none of which have been identified due to age, are charged with aggravated sex abuse, hazing, and forcible touching.

The fourth suspect, who recorded the incident, was charged with unlawful surveillance.

At this point, the biggest question looming in the case involves its future – whether it heads to Family Court or remains in Youth Court.