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Schumer addresses milk carton shortage impacting NY schools

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U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer has brought attention to a significant milk carton shortage in New York State, expressing concerns over potential impacts on schools, nursing homes, and the state’s robust dairy industry.

On Monday, Schumer urged the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to address and resolve the packaging supply chain issue, emphasizing the importance of milk in both school nutrition programs and the state’s agricultural sector.

New York, home to over 3,200 dairy farms and ranking as the fifth-largest dairy state, produced 15.66 billion pounds of milk in 2022.

The shortage poses challenges for various institutions, especially schools, which have had to modify their milk delivery methods.

Some districts have already faced these challenges, resorting to alternative distribution methods such as plastic cups. Schumer highlighted the critical role of milk in student nutrition and the economic significance of dairy farming in upstate New York, calling on the USDA to collaborate with industry leaders to tackle the shortage.

Schumer’s call for action includes a request for the USDA to investigate the root cause of the shortage and devise strategies to prevent similar issues in the future. His advocacy underscores the importance of maintaining a stable supply chain for essential nutritional products in educational and care institutions.