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Thompson Hospital in Canandaigua advances in robot-assisted surgeries

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Thompson Hospital in Canandaigua is establishing itself as a leader in the field of robotic-assisted surgeries, achieving results that are enhancing patient outcomes. Over recent years, the hospital has significantly developed its capabilities in robotic-assisted surgical procedures, rivaling major health networks nationwide.

A decade ago, Thompson acquired the da Vinci Si surgical robot, providing surgeons with advanced imaging and the ability to intricately manipulate surgical sites remotely, thus enhancing precision and safety.

The hospital’s Advanced Surgical Services Department, led by Joseph Talarico MD and A. David Peter MD, recognized the potential of robotic technology early. They have since been utilizing the da Vinci Si system, particularly for lower-acuity procedures like hernias, gallbladder, and colon surgeries.

The utilization of robotic assistance in surgeries has led to shorter hospital stays, reduced need for surgical anesthesia, fewer complications, and a quicker return to daily activities for patients. Notably, it has also decreased the reliance on opioids for post-surgery pain management.

In 2020, Thompson upgraded to the da Vinci Xi model, which features more precise and flexible robotic arms, allowing for a broader range of motion and more complex procedures. This upgrade has enabled the hospital to increase its surgical capacity, conducting an average of five da Vinci surgeries daily.

Thompson’s effective use of the da Vinci Xi has placed it in the 97th percentile in the U.S., with 620 procedures in 2022, a 20% increase from the previous year. The hospital’s success has not only earned it a high utilization rate by manufacturer Intuitive’s standards but also led to its designation as a Center of Excellence for Hernia Surgery and Robotic Surgery. Looking ahead, Thompson plans to expand its robotic surgery program, potentially adding a second robot and more trained surgeons, as it continues to set benchmarks in the field.