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Cayuga County proposes $188M budget for 2024

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Cayuga County legislators were presented with a proposed $188 million budget for 2024 in a special legislative meeting on Thursday. Lynn Marinelli, the county’s budget director, outlined the plan, which marks a significant increase in spending from $172.1 million in 2023 to $188.1 million in 2024, coupled with a 2% property tax levy increase.

The budget increase is attributed to various financial pressures, including a 9.5% rise in health insurance premiums, a 3% increase in the county’s retirement contribution rates, and a $1.6 million hike in Medicaid costs due to reduced federal aid.

Additionally, the ratification of new union contracts means salary increases for county employees. Inflation is another major factor influencing the budget, with officials noting increased prices for parts, repairs, contracts, and services.

The proposed budget relies heavily on property taxes, which are set to increase from $42.7 million to $43.5 million. Despite this, homeowners could see an 8% decrease in the property tax rate due to a $700 million increase in total property value.