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Yates veteran to be inducted into state Senate Veterans’ Hall of Fame

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Andrew Swarthout, a highly honored Vietnam War veteran from Yates County, will be inducted into the New York State Senate Veterans’ Hall of Fame by State Senator Tom O’Mara.

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The ceremony, set for Thursday, will be part of a statewide virtual event honoring approximately 60 veterans. Swarthout’s nomination by local resident Kathy Prendergast acknowledges his significant military service and his contributions to veterans’ organizations.

Swarthout, representing O’Mara’s 58th Senate District, has earned a reputation for his courageous service in the Army’s 1st Cavalry Division as a Combat Medic during pivotal battles like Ia Drang. His valiant efforts have been recognized with prestigious decorations, including two Bronze Star Medals and several other accolades for his gallantry and service.

Following his military career, Swarthout continued his service at home in Yates County, supporting fellow veterans and organizing commemorative events. He has been instrumental in veterans’ affairs, earning recognition like the “Legionnaire of the Year Award” from the New York State American Legion. The Veterans’ Hall of Fame, which has honored over 500 veterans since 2005, will add Swarthout’s biography to its distinguished roster. Additionally, a local recognition is planned for Veterans Day during the Yates County Bicentennial and Veterans Celebration Gala.