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Seneca County buildings go green to salute veterans

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In a vivid tribute to military veterans, Seneca County is set to illuminate its governmental buildings in green as part of Operation Green Light.

The initiative, coordinated by the New York State Association of Counties in partnership with the National Association of Counties, is designed to honor returning veterans and increase awareness of the resources available to assist them at various governmental levels.

This act of solidarity and remembrance, announced by County Manager Kyle Lovell, an Air Force veteran himself, will coincide with the Veterans Day commemorations.

Seneca County joins over 300 local governments nationwide that have previously participated in the initiative, aiming to show visible support for veterans and to acknowledge the sacrifices made by service members.

“By shining a green light, we make a statement of support that goes beyond words, one that can be seen and felt by our veterans,” said Lovell, emphasizing the importance of remembering veterans’ services and ensuring they have access to necessary resources.

The gesture of using green light extends beyond public buildings, as residents and businesses are encouraged to replace a single light bulb with a green one, whether displayed outside for public view or inside as a conversation starter about supporting veterans.

Mike Enslow, chairman of the county Board of Supervisors, calls upon the community to join the tribute, not just to thank the servicemen and women but also to connect them with local county services. The green lights, which will be visible from Nov. 6 through Nov. 12, serve as a beacon of gratitude and a reminder that veterans are never forgotten and always supported.