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Call for sponsors to support “Real Christmas” event in Waterloo

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The Real Christmas Committee of Waterloo has announced its annual call for community sponsorship to support the upcoming holiday event designed to highlight the true spirit of Christmas.

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The committee, chaired by Nancy Gray, is seeking contributions for contest prizes, promotional activities, and new equipment. “We need your help with Real Christmas! Your donation will foster a community Christmas spirit,” Gray stated, emphasizing the benefits of generosity during the festive season.

The event, deeply rooted in the area’s holiday traditions, relies on the support of local businesses and residents. Contributions are not only a way to engage with the community but also an opportunity to gain recognition, as all sponsors will be acknowledged through posters in participating businesses. The diverse committee, which includes various community leaders and dedicated residents, is coordinating efforts to ensure the event’s success.

“Real Christmas” is slated to take place on Saturday, December 2nd, from 3:00 to 6:00 PM at the Waterloo Recreation Center on Oak Street. The committee assures that all contributions, which should be addressed to Real Christmas and mailed to Nancy Gray at the provided address, are crucial for the event’s execution. Interested parties can seek additional information by contacting Nancy Gray directly.