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Wayne County wraps up 200th celebration with rock history concert

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Wayne County is set to conclude its yearlong Bicentennial celebration with the final installment of the Heritage Music Series.

Musician and educator Todd Hobin will take the stage at Ohmann Theatre on November 5th at 6:30 p.m., bringing the “History of Rock ’n’ Roll” to life. The series, which has combined musical performances with historical narratives, provides audiences with a deeper understanding of the music that shaped generations.

Hobin, known for his engaging college course “The History of Rock,” will distill the essence of rock music’s evolution during his two-hour performance. While acknowledging the vastness of the Rock Era, he aims to illustrate the origins and impact of rock music through performances and discussions, linking it to various musical genres and cultural movements. The event, free to the public, is expected to stir nostalgia and offer insights into the formative years of rock-and-roll.

Drawing from his rich experiences as a performer who has worked alongside some of rock’s legendary artists, Hobin’s lecture will be infused with personal anecdotes and live demonstrations. As a musician who has remained active in the industry, his reflections are poised to resonate with attendees of all ages. The event, supported by the Robert G. Boehmler Foundation and other Bicentennial sponsors, celebrates both historical heritage and the enduring legacy of rock music. Further details about the Bicentennial events can be found at