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Arbitrage Betting: Brief review of the Strategy

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Probably many bettors have already heard the “arbitrage betting” term, but today we want to tell about this betting strategy in more details with examples and answers to the frequently asked questions.

What Arbitrage Betting is?

Arbitrage betting – a quite popular betting strategy that gives to bettor an opportunity to win no matter the result of the sporting event. How it’s possible? Due to the odds difference that arise between the opposing outcomes of this event in different bookies. 

Let’s take a look at a real example: suppose that through arbitrage betting finder we found a football match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid and the proposes on BTS (both to score) market from two different bookmakers.

BK 1: both to score – 1.69, one scoreless – 2.19;

BK2: both to score – 2.16, one scoreless – 1.73;

If we have eg. $500 for these two bets in total – we place $250 on “one scoreless” at BK1 and $250 on “both to score” at BK2. As a result, we’ll get a guaranteed profit of $47,5 or $40 because the odds for both outcomes is more than 2. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is Arbitrage Betting legal?

Yes, arbitrage betting is completely legal as long as you abide by the regulations of your country or state. Always ensure you’re participating in sports betting in a legal and responsible manner.

2. How much money do I need to start with arbing?

The amount you need to start with arbs betting varies, but you can even start with 400-500 bucks and than increase this amount after gaining some experience in work with this betting strategy.

3. Can I operate with arbs in any sport?

Arbitrage situations can exist in various sports, but they are most commonly arise in events with two possible outcomes, such as tennis or basketball.

4. How do bookmakers react to arbing?

Bookmakers usually don’t like arbers, because they always win and left bookies without their guaranteed profit which they included to margin. However, there are some bookies which are completely loyal to arbers.

5. How to find and calculate arbs? 

Some bettors prefer to search for arbitrage situations by their own but experienced punter already know that it’s not always a good idea. The thing is, in our mentioned example we showed you a very simple arb, which can arise between different bookies not so often. 

Moreover, you need quickly calculate all the bets and not to late place them, which is common thing for the live betting. That’s why many bettors pay their attention to arbitrage betting services like BetWasp.

BetWasp Arbitrage Betting Service

The main advantage of BetWasp and other arbitrage betting services – they provides the list of existing arbs and valuebets to its customers in a matter of seconds, so they no need to do any additional search.

Find out more about valuebets here:

Moreover, if we are talking about BetWasp, the service provides information from betting lines of the most popular in the USA and Canada bookmakers (more than 40 bookies in total) so the bettor always have a good choice of arbitrage situations to bet.

Another great advantage of BetWasp – extended functionality. The customers of the service gets not only the list of arbs, but enhanced filter settings, hide menu (to exclude the arbs you don’t want to see in the scanning results), handy calculator (to calculate the necessary bet and redirect by one click to the bookies’ website for placing them, etc.

Moreover, on the website of above-mentioned scanner you can always find many educational materials on arbitrage betting and value betting, which will help to understand all the nuances of operating with these two betting systems.


In conclusion, arbitrage betting open up a world of possibilities for sports betting enthusiasts. They provide an opportunity to enjoy the game while minimizing risks and securing profits. However, it’s essential to approach arbing with caution, understanding the mechanics, and using the right arbitrage betting finder to succeed with this strategy.

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