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Rep. Tenney supports bill to protect energy choice

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In an effort to safeguard energy preferences for American consumers, Congresswoman Claudia Tenney (NY-24) has co-sponsored the Energy Choice Act. The bill, spearheaded by Congressman Nick Langworthy (NY-23), aims to prevent state or local governments from imposing bans on energy services based on the type or source of energy, including connection and installation activities.

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The initiative comes in response to recent measures such as Governor Kathy Hochul’s inclusion of a natural gas stove ban in New York’s $229 billion budget—the first statewide ban of its kind. Additionally, several New York municipalities have prohibited natural gas hookups in new constructions, with federal agencies under President Biden considering similar policies. Tenney has actively opposed these steps, supporting legislation in June to preempt any potential federal limitations on gas stoves or other energy choices for consumers.

Congresswoman Tenney criticized the current administration’s policies, arguing they undermine American energy independence and inflate costs for consumers. She stated that the Energy Choice Act would counteract overreaching government actions and ensure affordable and reliable energy remains accessible to all Americans. Tenney calls for an end to what she describes as the Left’s war on natural gas, emphasizing the necessity for consumer freedom in energy decisions.