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Auburn could have new internet service provider soon

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Community Broadband Networks America LLC (CBN), a Geneva-based provider, may soon bring additional internet, phone, and TV services to Auburn.

CBN is negotiating with the city to lease space on a municipal radio tower at 85 Osborne Street to install its service equipment, according to reporting by Finger Lakes News Radio. The potential agreement, which is expected to bring the city $750 monthly, will be up for a vote at the City Council meeting this Thursday.

The tower, currently utilized by cell phone carriers and the emergency 911 system, came under city ownership following a tax foreclosure. CBN’s initiative is poised to extend their reach to more communities, complementing their existing coverage across five counties and 16 cities that cater to 30,000 households. Locations already enjoying CBN’s services include Waterloo, Seneca Falls, Lyons, and Union Springs.

In addition to expanding service options, CBN aims to collaborate with the Auburn Housing Authority to raise awareness about the Affordable Connectivity Program, which offers internet cost reductions for eligible participants. The provider also plans to supply free internet services to residents in federally, state, or county-supported housing. With council approval, CBN anticipates a rapid deployment, estimating services could be operational within 60 days after the lease agreement. Details of their proposal are available for public review on the city’s official website.