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President Biden signs executive order to regulate AI

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President Joe Biden is set to introduce an executive order that aims to regulate the rapidly growing artificial intelligence (AI) sector, while simultaneously promoting its use across various public sectors including government, education, and healthcare. This order, which is the most extensive effort by the administration to date, tasks federal agencies with applying their regulatory authority to enforce new requirements for AI companies.

The White House is positioning this order as part of a comprehensive approach to harness the advantages of AI while minimizing its risks. Bruce Reed, the White House Deputy Chief of Staff, is coordinating the interagency AI Council to implement this order, which is being billed as the most robust action by any government on AI safety and reliability.

This initiative encompasses several directives set to unfold over the next three to nine months, which aligns with Biden’s re-election campaign, indicating the administration’s intent to see quick, tangible outcomes. Vice President Kamala Harris is also scheduled to articulate the administration’s domestic and international AI policy vision in the United Kingdom, stressing a balance between AI benefits and safety.

The executive order is extensive, with implications for national infrastructure, fraud prevention, military and intelligence, and immigration, aiming to attract skilled AI professionals. While the power of the executive order is substantial, officials acknowledge that comprehensive AI legislation is still necessary for broader and more permanent reforms in areas such as safety, security, and privacy.

The directive also intends to stimulate AI research and calls for the independent Federal Trade Commission to regulate the AI industry to ensure competitiveness and consumer protection. Developers of advanced AI systems will be required to disclose safety test results prior to public deployment. These efforts, alongside collaborations with international partners, aim to establish a global framework for AI development and usage.

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