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Cayuga County plans to spend $1M for an 80-bed homeless shelter

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As homelessness numbers swell, the Cayuga County Legislature approved allocating $1 million in federal funds on Tuesday for a new 80-bed emergency shelter in Auburn.

The Citizen reports that this new three-story facility will supersede the Chapel House-owned 16-bed shelter on Grant Avenue, which officials acknowledge as “dramatically undersized.”

The project’s helm will be taken by Housing Visions, a Syracuse-based nonprofit.

The forthcoming shelter, intended to be run by the Syracuse-based Rescue Mission, is planned to feature 80 beds, nine lasting supportive housing units, on-site security, and case management facilities.

With the county’s $1 million backing from the American Rescue Plan, the project can now seek additional funds from the Homeless Housing Assistance Program, potentially leveraging a total of $8 million in federal and state funding.

Although the county has signaled its support, the city of Auburn’s green light is essential. Housing Visions requires city approval before pursuing extra funding.