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$102,000 winner at Lakeside Entertainment in Seneca Falls

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  • Staff Report 

Lakeside Entertainment, a gaming venue under the Cayuga Nation, has recently witnessed a player clinch a massive $102,000 jackpot at its Seneca Falls establishment, Lakeside Entertainment II. The fortunate winner, opting for anonymity, managed to secure this life-altering sum shortly after claiming a $1,200 jackpot just a week prior.

The significant win underscores Lakeside Entertainment’s dedication to offering its patrons an unparalleled gaming experience. Clint Halftown, the Federal Representative for the Cayuga Nation, remarked on the milestone, “This win at Lakeside not only emphasizes the unparalleled gaming possibilities we extend but also underscores the transformative moments players can experience here.”

While the jubilant winner chose to stay anonymous, they conveyed profound gratitude for the memorable victory at Lakeside Entertainment. Committed to the safety and well-being of its visitors, the establishment rigorously adheres to all health and safety guidelines, ensuring guests can immerse in their gaming pursuits without concerns.