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Wayne County wraps bicentennial with historic performance

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As the curtain falls on Wayne County’s year-long Bicentennial celebrations, the Heritage Music Series presents its final free performance on November 5th, 6:30 p.m., at the Ohmann Theatre in Lyons.

DiSanto Propane (Billboard)

Todd Hobin, known both for his expertise and performing chops, will captivate audiences with the “History of Rock’n’Roll,” a lecture turned concert drawing from his popular college course. While tracing rock’s deep roots and its profound influence on pop culture, Hobin will sprinkle in live musical demonstrations, transforming the narrative into an immersive journey back to the “good old days.”

Professionally connected to luminaries like Little Richard, The Beach Boys, and The Kinks, Hobin offers a unique perspective that extends beyond mere academic instruction. Through personal anecdotes and real-time musical examples, he will decode the essence of early pop music, spotlighting the Blues’ evolution and its integration into various music genres, from Country Western to Church music. His dynamic approach goes beyond the traditional lecture format, blurring the lines between classroom teaching and concert performance.

Hobin’s rich history in the music scene, particularly with his band’s prominence in Wayne County during the 70s and 80s, only elevates the evening’s significance. Gene Bavis, Bicentennial Committee Co-chair, remarked, “Mr. Hobin’s appearance is not just a lecture; it’s a concert, a party, a history lesson.” The event remains open to all, thanks to the Robert G. Boehmler Foundation and Bicentennial sponsors. For more details on the Heritage Music Series and other Bicentennial events, visit