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Genesee reveals fan-chosen specialty beer: Citrus Pils

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Following an impressive campaign and the participation of over 10,500 eager Genesee fans at the polls, the brewery has unveiled its latest fan-picked specialty beer: Citrus Pils. The winter citrus-themed pilsner-style ale, teeming with tangerine and lime flavors, is set to hit the shelves in 12-ounce cans in the first week of November.

This beer selection process was part of the “Genesee for ‘23” campaign, marking the first time enthusiasts of the brand could directly influence the brewing direction. Tiffany Benning, brand manager for Genesee, likened Citrus Pils to its popular counterpart, Ruby Red Kolsch, describing it as its “winter cousin.” She noted, “Citrus Pils dominated the voting, underscoring fans’ love for our citrus beers.”

Genesee added intrigue to the beer selection with a social media teaser, leading fans on a cypher-solving journey to guess the winning flavor. Benning remarked on the brand’s intention to keep fans engaged, excitedly adding, “We look forward to seeing everyone relish THEIR beer choice.” The new brew will be available in various states including NY, PA, NC, and MA.