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RG&E installs over 75,000 smart meters to enhance efficiency

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As part of their push for modernization, Rochester Gas and Electric (RG&E) has reported the installation of over 75,000 smart meters within its Rochester division, with plans to set up around 571,000 smart electric meters and natural gas modules by 2025.

These smart meters, equipped with two-way wireless communication capabilities, will automatically relay usage data, ensuring that bills reflect actual consumption, thus providing customers with an accurate account of their energy usage.

Patricia Nilsen, the CEO of NYSEG and RG&E, emphasized the advantages of smart meters, including increased transparency in energy consumption and faster service responses. While most RG&E customers will automatically receive these upgrades, those whose meters are inaccessible will be prompted to set up an installation appointment. Any customers initially bypassed due to access issues but who don’t schedule a meter replacement will be moved to an opt-out program. However, RG&E encourages all customers to make use of the new technology and the accompanying benefits.

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